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Snow Play

Experience your first snow at Corin Forest.

Book your snowplay session and all rental equipment you need.

Click on the product below, select your date and add your family members and any rental options you need.

Under advice given by the ACT Government, we are currently unable to offer our usual free ticket for children under two. This is to ensure our sessions are not overbooked for the safety and enjoyment of our guests. 

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Snow Play

2 hour Snowplay session for all ages.

To enter the area each person will need their own ticket, including children under 2.
Children under 13 will need to be accompanied by a guardian who has their own ticket.
Guests who wish to watch only and do not wish to enter the snow itself do not require a ticket and are welcome to watch from our new viewing deck.
If you would like to rent clothing for multiple sessions or activities please select the full day rental option.

Jacket/Pants Sizes: Children's Size 4 - Adult 5XL
Boot Sizes: Children's 5 US - Men's 13 US
$20.00 incl tax

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